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Amazing New Six Pack Abs Exercise: The Turkish Get-Up

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:09pm

Okay, so Turkish Get-Ups have probably been around for hundreds of years, but guess what, they are most likely new to you and are new to 99% of all people who work out. What is a Turkish get-up? Simply put, it is a movement where you lie on the ground and press a weight over-head with one hand. From there you must come to a full stand with the weight still overhead. Sounds easy right? Well just remember, the weight must always be overhead even as you are attempting to sit and then stand up!

Now, If you want six pack abs then you need to be lean and you need strong abdominal muscles. If you are fat then just read and watch my previous posts for ideas and work out routines on how to lose weight. As for abdominal strength, Turkish get-ups are one of my favourite exercises to strengthen and tone your abs because they are effective and are more fun than boring old crunches. Why are they so effective? Because they are hard to do, and abdominal exercises that require you to contract your muscles very strongly are the best ones for developing a nice six pack.

Turkish get-ups are what I call a functional exercises because you are working your whole body by moving with a weight through several planes of motion and not just doing one movement to work a small area of you body. Believe it or not they will also get you panting and sweating which means they will help you lose weight too!

Unlike most abdominal exercises, these will work all your core muscles at once, especially your obliques. It is a pretty technical movement though so it is important you learn how to do them safely right away. Watch the video below for great instructions on how to develop your Turkish get-up technique and build beautiful six pack abs!

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