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Amaranth and Quinoa: Olive Green Organics

Posted Mar 16 2011 6:07pm
I have officially died and gone to heaven. I'm speaking to you from the grave. Spooky...ooooow......oowwww! Ok, I've been resurrected and I'm now about to share some exciting news: I've discovered a splendid little company called Olive Green Organics . Their products include: Organic Trout, Quinoa, Amaranth, Gluten free Pastas (using rice and quinoa and also amaranth) and also Puffed Quinoa and Amaranth (great for a gluten free breakfast with yoghurt and berries). The owner is passionate about his products and it shows in the great range. My box of organic goodness arrived and I busted in open even before I got in the door.

I love finding out about companies in Sydney with have fantastic organic produce. I try to eat organic as often as I can and when I stumbled upon these products I just had to use it in my daily meals. The full range of products are available on their website and also at About Life stores.

My friendship re-ignited with Amaranth on my visit to Agape , an organic restaurant that serves it in several dishes, I've never cooked with it and was keen to have a go.

Interesting Facts
- Amaranth contains almost 3 times more protein than Rice and 8 times the amount found in Potatoes!

- Quinoa and Amaranth contain high levels of  Zinc (used by the body to fight infections) and Magnesium
(our body needs this for growth of our muscles and cells). Do you know high carbohydrate diets (excessive breads, cereals, sugar, etc) deplete our body of Zinc?..interesting and another reason to reduce our processed carbohydrate intake

- Most trout is now farmed, imagine a battery egg farm but in the water. If you don't know by now, battery chicken and eggs are evil. Do not buy anything that comes from these farms if you care about your health and well being. All you have to do is watch the doco Food Inc to be repulsed for life! This is the same for any farmed fish . DO NOT BUY IT!!!

So with all my amazing produce I hurried off into the kitchen to get cracking on some meals for you all, Check it out

Purple Sweet potatoes (boiled), Organic Trout , Avocado and Mixed Lettuce Salad. Dressing: Lots and lots of lemon and tbsp of EVOO

Quinoa and Rice Spaghetti Bolognese . Cook Spaghetti as per the instructions on the packet. I was surprised with the flavour and texture, a little different at first but your mouth adjusts and no big boated feeling after you eat it which generally happens with wheat/egg pastas.

Puffed Amaranth cereal with Organic Yoghurt, blueberries, Chia seeds and Agave Nectar

The texture is just what you need in the morning! A nice little bit of crunch without the stodgy, full feeling. This is my new favourite breakfast. Also gluten-free and sets you up for a great day.

 Have you tried Amaranth or Quinoa? Do you have a recipe to share with us?
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