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Alternative Asthma Treatment: The Power Of Herbal Medicine Against Asthma

Posted Sep 07 2011 4:18am

Asthma is a long-lasting disease. Everybody knows it, or at least is aware of it. It happens to anyone. It doesnt pick a gender or an age bracket. attacks happen when the airways constrict due to swelling. This leads to the reduction of the amount of air that passes through. When the airways are narrowed, wheezing may be heard. When they are too narrowed, there may be no wheezing.

Asthma attacks are more likely to occur for those with the cold or the flu. It can also be a side-effect of an allergic response. Airborne irritants can trigger an asthma attack. Symptoms depend on the severity of asthma. For this reason, asthmatics carry portable inhalers with them at all times. The purpose of inhalers is to prevent and relieve an asthma attack and is categorized as such ” preventers and relievers. This means its a temporary relief. They are not a cure for asthma.

Alternative include herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has existed since the beginning of time. All cultures have had their own herbs for treating any ailments.

Pharmaceuticals were not as advanced as it is now, and people relied on herbs to cure any ailment. Even with breakthrough medical technologies, herbal medicine has never disappeared. In fact, it has slowly been making a comeback. The modern folks believe in the healing power of herbs. They are also a more-than-likely choice as they are less expensive and have minimal side effects. Asthma is not a different case. Herbal medicine helps with breathing issues caused by asthma. With relief comes freedom from fear and . It eradicates the borders on your activities. Symptoms are reduced so as to minimize attacks; therefore decreasing the need for drugs and inhalers.

There are actually a lot of available herbal medicines that will help you ease asthma attacks or even eliminate it. You just need to determine first what triggers your asthma and the type of herbal medicine that you are planning to use, because although lots of herbal medicines out there are available some of them actually have side effects.

Just to be on the safe side try consulting your doctor first before trying out anything. No matter what route you choose, regular exercises, effective breathing exercises and morning walks are the permanent remedy to completely eradicate asthma.

Keeping asthma at bay for a long period of time may actually help you overcome it. Johnson Star used to be an asthma sufferer for 20 years. For additional detailed information, tips and advice on , be sure to go to, and get your FREE 10-day mini-ecourse right now.

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