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Allergic Asthma Treatment: Defining Allergic Asthma

Posted Jan 31 2012 6:37am

Asthma is a chronic condition characterized mainly by shortness of breath. This is due to a variety of factors that include narrowing or inflammation of the airways, and accumulation of mucus. Asthma can be developed through different factors, some of which are: exposure to environments that cause respiratory infections, and it can be inherited.

While asthma is a condition, the event when the airways become narrowed is known as an asthma attack, episode, or flare up. Most asthma attacks are due to unintentional inhaling of airborne irritants. When these particles reach the lungs or even just the airways, the reaction causes the asthmatic to experience shortness of breath. At times, a whistling sound known as wheezing is heard.

Asthma symptoms are also present in the long list of allergic reactions. A non-asthmatic may experience an attack upon accidental inhaling of an allergen. Allergic reactions typically involve swelling; most often in the face. Severe allergic reactions may cause internal swelling that reach the larynx. If this happens, breathing is impaired. Allergic reactions may also cause mucus release in the lungs. All of these symptoms are collectively called allergic asthma.

Molds, pollen, pets, and dust mites are well known asthma triggers. These same substances are the most-common of all inhaled allergens. With allergy, trigger avoidance is a must. Since asthma has other triggers, allergen avoidance is not enough for asthmatics. Asthma-exclusive triggers include smoke, fumes, and strong odors.

Medications for allergic asthma are similar to those in bronchial asthma. These include fast-acting bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory medicines. Epinephrine is mainly used for allergy, but is administered for severe cases of asthma attacks. Immunotherapy, the closest to a cure to allergy as we can get, is also recommended for asthma. Note that immunotherapy does not work for food allergies. If youre thinking about it for curing your asthma, check with your doctor first.

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