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All About Abs

Posted by Julie M.

No matter how fit, it seems we're all in search of the perfect stomach. For guys that tends to mean washboard abs?the typical 'six-pack? of rippling muscles. Some women want a washboard too, but most of us would be content with a toned, nearly flat tummy. Yet when we look around at our cohorts at the gym or the yoga studio, how many actually have perfect abs? Most have a little pooch or muffin top to contend with, but for those of us continually striving for perfection, old standby abdominal exercises are the most effective, combined with a healthy diet and aerobic workouts. One of the best ways to get a taut stomach is to remember to keep it pulled in. At your desk, in the grocery store, standing at the kitchen sink, make a practice of sucking in your abs while keeping your back flat and your shoulders down. The more you remember to do this, the flatter your abs will get. Also, on your back, crunches, bicycle, and reverse curls (where you lift your legs while tightening your abs) are all tried and true tummy-firming tricks. Doing crunches and sideways crunches with your back resting against an exercise ball or BOSU works, too. There is nothing exciting about abdominal work, but if you keep at it, you will see a difference.
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