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Alcohol Dependency Effects, Alcoholism Signs, and Alcoholism Statistics

Posted Mar 26 2011 4:06am

Mr. Richards was one of three health instructors at a large metropolitan high school located in the Midwestern part of the U.S. For “Alcohol Effects Month” he decided he would center his teaching agenda on the following three subject areas: alcohol dependency effects, alcohol addiction symptoms and signs, and alcoholism statistics.

Once Mr. Richards arrived at the topics he would be discussing, he decided he would provide his students with their class assignments the following Wednesday morning. When the day arrived for the class assignments, Mr. Richards passed out some general alcohol-related information and then instructed his students on the three specific topics he selected.

Mr. Richards then reviewed the handouts he distributed and then talked for around twenty minutes about the key differences between alcohol dependency and alcohol abuse. Mr. Richards then proceeded to tell the class that the terms “alcoholism,” “alcohol addiction,” and “alcohol dependency” were interchangeable, thus meaning the exact same thing.

Since the level of excitement of his students was at an all time high because of the subject matter, Mr. Richards proceeded to tell his students that half of the assignment entailed writing a twenty-five page, double-spaced composition about one of the topics, two of the topics, or about all three topics. He then mentioned that the other half of the assignment would be a fifteen-minute oral presentation to be given in front of the rest of the students that was based on the term paper.

As recognition for their outstanding scholarly attainment, the student with the top grade on the oral presentation and on his or her research project will be asked to present his or her findings at the regional alcohol and drug abuse convention at the county seat during the last week in May.

After the students heard about the entire assignment, many of them wanted a deeper explanation and an illustration of one of the sub-topics that they could select for their class presentation and for their composition. In short, even though they were enthused about their project, they wanted further guidance so that they would not turn in an inferior product.

Mr. Richards was well prepared for the questions that followed and so he started to discuss four or five alcohol addiction symptoms and signs that the students could research. For instance, Mr. Richards listed the following alcoholism signs and symptoms: boasting and a “big shot” complex, loss of control, an obsession with drinking, getting arrested for a DUI, and cloudy thinking.

Since there were several alcohol addiction symptoms and signs to choose from, Mr. Richards mentioned that he was not overly concerned about the possibility that two or more students would select the same alcoholism symptoms and signs for their class project. In fact, even if more than one student selected the same alcohol dependency signs or symptoms, this would not matter because each pupil would have his or her own perspective on the subject.

Mr. Richards then made it a point to underscore the fact that even though there were numerous alcohol addiction symptoms and signs from which to chose, the students were also able to center their research on alcoholism effects or alcoholism statistics. When the exhaustive scope of all three subject areas was focused upon, it became clear that the number of possible research topics was virtually limitless.

Why did Mr. Richards pick alcohol addiction statistics, alcohol addiction effects, and alcohol dependency signs and symptoms as the topics for this assignment? Mr. Richards’ primary plan was that by requiring all of his students to research one or more of the three alcohol-related topics he assigned, all of the students would have a better understanding of a complex yet relevant topic such as alcohol dependency.

Mr. Richards also reasoned that by elevating the consciousness of his pupils about the damaging and debilitating consequences of alcohol addiction and the disheartening daily existence suffered by alcohol dependent individuals, his pupils might think more realistically before they start drinking in a careless and excessive manner.

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