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Airrosti WhatWhat?

Posted Mar 16 2011 4:00am

(I know. How is my child *not* scarred by my asking her to take this TMI post-Airrosti pic.)

I came.  I saw.  I had my fascia manipulated.  I foam rolled . I got Kinesio taped .  I left.

I Airrosti’ed .

A few of you warned me I was in for the worst pain in my life.

A few of you made me promise Id let you know how it felt as you, too, are searching for relief.

I give you my post-Airrosti musings.

Bullet form.

So I wont ramble.


  • Airrosti is precisely what it says: you’re assessed, you receive a hands-on treatment (thats the fascia manipulating) you receive a ‘program’ of stretches & foam rolling, & you’re Kinesio taped. I liked (since this was all out of my zone of COMFY) that I researched and what I ‘prepared’ myself for transpired. (I have to add that my doctor and his staff ROCKED.  If you’re in Austin and want the name—hit me up below)
  • I knew immediately pieces of Airrosti were precisely what I needed. Good lord the hands-on fascia treatment was better than my tennis ball/lacrosse ball.  I amble around Austin longing for someone to walk next to me & POKE me in hard the hip 24/7 (can you relate? anyone?). This was better than how I imagine even that would  be.  The pain was about a 5 on a scale from 1-10 with a few moments of 8.
  • Other pieces baffled the doctor and me. The jury is still out with regards to whether my problem is fascia or not.  My jury is not out on whether Im returning. I scheduled more sessions as even though I wasnt HEALED!! (as some are) after one visit—–I wasnt hurting more the next day either.  And, to be honest. I’d not been foam rolling enough so even just more instruction there will help. Speaking of which…
  • I loved getting the one-on-one foam rolling tailored for MY needs instruction. Sure I know about foam rollers.  Yes I roll.  You BET I own one of these bad boys.  No. I’d never made time for me & hired someone to show me precisely what I need for my structure/muscles/fascia.  This was a piece of the Airrosti puzzle I loved…in that super-painful foam roll’y way.
  • The Kinesio tape made me giggle. Yes, People.  I am a five year old and Im married to one.  We are the couple who elbows each other when we see people sporting the tape and whisper: seriously? does she think shes going to the Olympics?! After my appointment I was one of those people (who knew most of them had just Airrosti’ed?). And I was grateful that my, uh, affliction was on my back and bumbum.
  • Im not really sold on the Kinesio tape (please to chime in here!) Do my stripes of pink really support my muscles to decrease pain *and* help my body to reduce swelling?  Do they really lift my skin so that lymphatic absorption of excess fluid occurs (so theres less bruising)?  I dont know.  I still think if I saw my bumbum out in public Id mock it.
  • I could cry at simply having other people on my team. At having other people (almost) as invested as I in figuring out what’s causing my problems.
  • I freakin love the Tornado got up first thing the next morning and announced she wanted to tape herself up just like mama.  Good lord I ADORE the age of five.

And thats where I am right now.

Talking about my ailments like Im an 80 year old.

Taped up & PINKed up like a princess (guess who chose the color?).

And heading back for more.

If my fascia is the problem I believe this is the ‘cure’ and, if it’s not, then Ill just be a PINK-striped badass foam-rolling fascia-corrected machine.

Never a bad thing in my misfit book.

(see? who knew I had a book.)

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