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Aerobics workout

Posted by Swati S.

If you are a type of individual that likes to dance and do aerobic, then you must try dance aerobics. Aerobics involve a series of rhythmic workouts. The best thing about aerobics is that it never gets monotonous because you always have the music to keep company. This is a beginner's guide to getting started on aerobics.

1. Aerobics helps with body coordination, muscle strength and mobility.

2. There are different types of aerobics exercises for achieving different things. For example, weight management, better endurance, improving posture, improving overall fitness. Check with your instructor about what kind of exercise will work best for your goal.

3. Aerobics is divided into high impact and low impact. High-impact exercises get both feet off the ground on a regular basis. It is more rigorous, but also more injury-prone. In low-impact exercises, one foot constantly retains contact with the floor. Low-impact is less vigorous but also easy to do. Many gyms also offer mixed-impact exercises for a combination of both.

4. If you are a beginner, you can start with 25-60 minutes thrice a week, can then can increase gradually to medium and then high-impact.

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