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Add Music to your Workout

Posted by Mary Ann P.

A new study has found that working out to music may not only improve your mood, it may improve your mental performance. The study included 33 men and women in cardiac rehab. After listening to music during their 30 minute treadmill sessions for just one week, they performed better on verbal fluency tests than the control group. I think I’ll go buy an iPod.

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We always have music playing at the club. It motivates us to keep moving when we're not sure we can anymore (our trainer puts us through the ringer some nights.) Certain songs motivate me more than others, so make sure you're listening to music you LOVE. The kind that always gets your toes tapping and makes you want to get up to dance. It'll make the time go by faster and make the workout more fun, that's for sure! But I'm just makes me happy. Have a look at this entry as well
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