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Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Running an 50-mile race: What would you try to lose weight??

Posted Dec 01 2011 11:51pm

This is a real book. The subtitle: “Naughty hypnosis to rocket your pulling power.” Egads, so many double entendres! My head might explode! It’s almost as if they can read my… Actually this has “unintended consequences” written ALL over it. 

“If you could live longer as an obese person verses a thin person, how many years would have to be added to your life to make you choose obesity?” Gym Buddy Krista came up with this one-question survey for her final project for a graduate school course on overcoming weight bias. Go take her survey – take you 2 seconds! – and then come back here and tell me if you are surprised by the results. I sure was. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been. Unless you’re an alien invader (in which case, welcome, my kids have been expecting you) then you already know our society is weird about weight. You’re too fat. You’re too skinny. You’re never ever just right.

So it makes sense that in an effort to lose weight, people are willing to try almost anything. Some things like diet pills, diuretic teas, the latest cure-all book and tapeworms may make me cringe but at least I can understand them. Other things however, I don’t understand but I’m learning that some of these so-called alternative therapies work better than most people might think.

A couple of years ago, Gym Buddy Allison tried acupuncture for weight loss after the birth of her second baby. I’ll admit it, at first I thought it was nuts – they stuck her with needles attached to an electrical current for pity’s sake! – but… it worked. And it was way safer than a tapeworm. She was surprised. I was surprised. And it was all good! To read more of her story and see her before-and-after pics, check out my story on “I Tried It: Acupuncture for weight loss.”

My next introduction to an unconventional approach to weight loss was through Reader Georgia who let me interview her for about her experience using hypnosis for weight loss. Again, I was skeptical and again, it worked. In fact, it sounds a lot like Intuitive Eating, except kind of better! To read Georgia’s story check out my piece “ I Tried It: Hypnosis for weight loss.

And then I got to interview a bunch of die-hard runners about their favorite destination races – sports + exotic locale = yes, please! – and learned how one woman lost over 100 pounds training to run an Ultra 50-Mile race. Did I mention the race is a trail run that goes over one of Colorado’s tallest mountains? To check out this run plus some other goodies, go see my slideshow “ 10 Destination Races You Must Do Before You Die.

If you need more motivation for your own training, the Gym Buddies and I took P90X founder Tony Horton to the gym with us. Courtesy of the new P90X iPhone app. Sure a tiny man in a phone leading a group of grown women through strange motions is a little weird but really it’s nothing after those last 3! Check out my review on Shape.

Also motivating: $50!! Which is what Inside Tracker is offering all GFE readers. They heard you when you said you wished you could try out their preventative health service but couldn’t afford the steep price tag and so they want to give you $50 off to help you out. Just use the code GFEXPB11256 at checkout!

Have you ever tried any alternative  or non-conventional therapies? Were you as shocked as I was by Krista’s survey results?

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It’s been an exciting week as Redbook’s Motherboard blog council launched “No Judgement Day” in an effort to get women to be kinder to each other. I kicked it off with a really long, heart-felt, reasonably well-written (in my estimation anyhow) essay about all the times other moms could have judged me but didn’t. And they made me cut it down to 500 measly words. Boo. Perhaps I’ll post the whole version here later. At any rate, still fun: End Mom Guilt Now!  Plus, check out all the other “Don’t Judge Me…” essays on there.

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