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aching calf of legs & tingling

Posted by Hazel

my calf of my legs are aching & I get the tingling thinking there's something crawling on them but when I lay down it's ok but when I get up in the morning to put my feet on the ground the tingling starts then the aching


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It sounds to me as though the tingling and aching might be in relation to muscle contractions that are happening when they are tense? I learned a little about this in an Anatomy and Physiology course I took.  

This is a good exercise to do: 
Lie down flat somewhere comfortable - Start at your feet and tense muscles there and hold for five seconds and release - repeat this three times. Then work up your body on all the muscle groups - calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms, neck and shoulders - what this does is teaches us to feel and recognise the muscle contracting. 

I have heard exercise sometimes helps to relax those muscles. I hope this helps! I would also suggest talking to your doctor perhaps to see if there is a deeper issue? 

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