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Aches and Pains and Getting Old

Posted Feb 18 2009 11:56am

Married To The Sea

I think of myself as being physically a lot older than I am. And by that, I mean my body is slowly dying. I feel like I peaked at about 14 and now its just a slow decent into injury hell.

Diregarding my fall yesterday, which is completely my own fault, I hurt a lot. I have back and knee problems from gymnastics. The back issues give me migraines. The knee prevents me from sitting in a chair for too long. And now worst of all, my rotator cuff is really starting to act up. It hurts all the time. At first I thought it was just a sore muscle from sitting at the computer all day hunched over, but its doing this funny lock then pop thing, not to be confused with this, which not only hurts, its driving me nuts. To sit or stand with proper posture hurts, and to sleep on my back hurts. I’m beginning to think its impinged, which means possible surgery and is no fun.

Before I resort to that because I have no medical insurance, I’m going to try my hardest to build up the muscles in my upper to back to fix my posture and pick up some of the slack.

Its amazing you can do that, right? Fix things with exercise instead of resorting to surgery and medicine? I wish everyone knew that.

The constant pain is putting me in a bad mood, though. I feel like a lion with a thorn in my paw- grumpy and adorable.

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