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ACE Exam or not

Posted Mar 04 2011 10:27pm

I don’t feel ready. I skimmed over the review material and the Exam Content Outline. I think I know most of the business part. Ya know, Rapport, Psychology, and all that other fun stuff.

The parts I have a hard time with are remembering what muscles are what and exactly where they are located. So I recruited the hubs to help me review over them. He was a sport and let me doodle all over him. I actually feel this helped more than using a sheet of paper!

Notice how insane his vastus lateralis is! That’s from inline speed skating his whole teenage life. :D

So I think I’m a little more ready now that I looked over the muscles and tendons as well as their functions and reviewed the content of the exam. Most of it I think I have down.

I’ll know if I pass right after my exam. Keeping my fingers crossed.


BIG EDIT! So I travel to Casper, which is a two hour drive, to take the exam at their college. I have no idea why I couldn’t do it at my local one. They have the same credentials and shit. And I find out, I have the wrong day. The girl who set me up with it while I was in Vegas… TOLD ME THE WRONG DAY. And it was on my email, but I overlooked it since when we scheduled it she even asked me if the 5th was okay. I said YES! Why? Because I don’t work that day. We had that discussion. It was supposed to be the 3rd. Now when you’re skimming over a confirmation page, a 3 looks like a 5. So I didn’t have it click in my head right away. This is besides the point that she told me the 5th, I put it in my phone’s calendar to remind me it was the fifth and everything since I FREAKING SIGNED UP FOR IT.

So there I am all the way in damn Casper, no test, and probably out the money for it since i’ll have to reschedule and everything. We ended up going to Olive Garden and I ate a bunch of carbohydrate crap that tasted damn delicious to drown my sorrows. I am sooooo uber pissed right now. I’m considering going down to the SO gym just to beat the ever living crap out of BOB .

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