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A Workout in your Pocket

Posted by Jeff W.

If you're looking for a fun and interesting way to keep fit, try playing some footbag (more commonly known by the name ?hacky sack?). The simple kicks used to keep the bag afloat are a great low-impact cardio workout and kicking the footbag will also help to develop your balance, coordination and flexibility. This unconventional sport is also associated with rehab for the knees, so if running is to high impact, then footbag might be just what the doctor ordered. With the only equipment required for this workout costing under ten bucks and fitting inconspicuously in your front pocket, this is a workout that's both extremely affordable and portable. Go to to find out where to buy a good bag, and to learn some of the basic moves you?ll need to keep the bag in the air.
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I have a hacky sack sitting on my bookshelf at home and never thought of it as low-impact cardio. I defiantly understand the balance part though. Thanks for the great idea!
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