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A story of compulsive overexercise.

Posted Oct 17 2011 4:00am

Once upon a time there was a Misfit Queen and her lovely Tornado of a Princess.
Each morning, as they’d ride their carriage through town toward the local school house, they’d spy a young woman walking on the side of the road. 

Head tucked, shoulders slumped, arms swinging walking.

The Queen noticed the young lady immediately and took note of how frequently and vigorously she walked.  One morning the Queen turned to her Princess and asked:

“Have you noticed the lovely lass who wanders all day?” 

The Queen had spied the girl walking as they headed out to the school house, and walking when the Queen returned home to the palace and walking when the Queen went out to the Bucks of the Star and walking… (you get the royal idea)

“Oh YES!” The girl immediately responded.  “You mean the Walking Princess? I do notice her.  She’s walking a lot so she can be big and strong!”

And the year passed and the Queen wondered (to herself & to her King) if she should stop and chat with the Walking Princess.

“Oh dear me,” fretted the Queen.  “Im concerned there’s a situation here, but Im unsure how to proceed.  Ive never encountered the Princess except when I’m driving on the boulevard.  Do I pull over and ask about her health and wellness?  Engage her in royal conversation? She’s only about 17 or 18.  I do wonder where her parents are…”

It was during one of these times of Walking Princess sightings and internal frettings the Queen’s thoughts were interrupted by the Tornado.

Mother, theres the Walking Princess!!” She shouted in delight.  “Why do you think she walks so much Mama?  She walks like almost all day.”

Ever the unprepared Queen, the Tornado’s mother responded with: “I dont know. Why do you think she walks so much?”

Without missing a beat the Tornado Princess replied: “I think she’s walking and looking for her Prince all the every day, but when she finds him she will be too so tired.  Sometimes walking a lot is too much I think maybe.”*

Here’s where I pause to clarify the above is in no way mocking the young woman who compulsively walks in our neighborhood.

Here’s where I pause to clarify all of the above actually transpired.  From the Tornado’s naming of the girl to the final few sentences at the end.

(Here’s where I pause to clarify literary license was taken and this has been an on-going for over a year thing. Those of you playing along at home will realize the Tornado has not been in school for a year.  Oh & to our chagrin we are neither a Queen nor a Princess.)

My questions to you, Oh Wiser Than The Queen Readers:

What would you do? 

It’s evident she’s a compulsive over-exerciser (I do not exaggerate when I say she walks for HOURS a day.  4?) yet Ive never seen her when Im not driving & no one else in the ‘hood seems to know who she is either.

It’s shocking.

It’s heartbreaking.

It all causes me to wonder where her parents are?! (Our neighborhood is all homes and not a place anyone would live NOT with parents) or if she drives here, parks, and walks because she doesnt live here?

It’s all also a reminder (as per the “*” above. lets call this the *-defined) of how much children notice and internalize.

It surprised me the Tornado realized even something I tout as good! for! you! can be “bad” if done too much.

I want to “do” something, but Im not sure exactly what or how.

Id love your tips, thoughts, help and proverbial .02 in the comments below.




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