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A Special Trip

Posted Mar 12 2010 6:25am

The weather in Pittsburgh has been so fantastic this past week. I don’t even care that I didn’t get to go away for Spring Break. And when I say nice I mean high 60’s, which is such a great change from the snow storms we’ve been getting hit with. It’s also pretty incredible to see the sun again. I had almost forgotten what it felt like. No lie.

So yesterday was beautifully sunny and warm. I was able to wear short sleeves without a jacket. Amazing. So Tom took me to do something I’ve been begging him to take me to since we started dating over 4 years ago.

Can you guess where it was?

We went tooooooo (drum roll)

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG aquarium!

A lot of the animals weren’t in their exhibits. Probably because it’s still not quite warm enough and there’s still some snow in their exhibits.

This tiger was growling for us though. :)

I hadn’t been to the zoo since they put in the shark tunnel and I have to say it was amazing!

The sharks swim right on top of you! Soooo scary.

The whole time we were in the aquarium or in the shark tunnel, I kept saying how if something like that swam up to me in the ocean, I wouldn’t have to be afraid of getting eaten because I’d die of a heart attack first!

The zoo was such a great time, and it only costs $9 for an adult to go. We ended up making our way through the zoo in about 2 and a half hours. We were both a little disappointed because they took out the poisonous reptile building with all the terrifying spiders in it. They had a “discovery” building with some snakes instead. One of the snakes had just constricted a little baby chicken. It was so sad.

Oh, and despite my SPF 15 I ended up getting a little red on my face yesterday. Ahhhhh summer’s comin’ :-D


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