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A Response to the previous reader mail question

Posted Oct 07 2009 10:00pm
Hey guys, I thought I would throw John's response to my answers on his previous questions as it adds to the discussion nicely.

Thanks for a great response. I’m going to answer via e-mail since it’s easier than posting.
The VO2 Snatch Workout as far as I know, comes from Viking Warrior Conditioning by Kenneth Jay. But, many people use the 15/15 split. Here’s a good article on it:
It is hard to do one exercise for a long time but I treat it like cardio . . . instead of lacing on the shoes to go run, I just grab the KB. Your suggestion to mix up the intervals is exactly what I do. Sometimes, for example, I’ll do 12 reps in a row and take 30 sec rest, etc.
Mixing exercises is a good idea. For example, One Arm Clean & Press instead of the Snatch.
Two issues however:
1) The goal of the Snatch Workout is 40 minutes at 8 swings per side . . . 640 snatches. I’m hitting somewhere around 340-360 in 30 minutes so I have a way to go. Anyway having a goal keeps it “interesting” and I’m concerned that I won’t get there unless I practice consistently.
2) I’m concerned that doing ballistics back-to-back can strain the lower back. So, if I do the Snatch Workout MWF and Clean & Jerk on TTS . . . that is six solid days of strain on the lower back.
An alternative would be to mix it up . . . so for example, lift weights MWF and do KBs on TTS . . . Snatch workout one day, Clean and Jerk the second day and maybe Swing the last day. That sounds good, but I don’t know whether it will help me progress to the 40 minutes/640 Snatch goal.
So, that’s what I’m trying to think through right now.
I agree with you completely on training for TIME. I use Coach Staley’s Escalating Density protocol and as an ex-boxer, I still hit the heavy bags and mix up my three-minute rounds with bodyweight exercises.
To me, training for time is the only “natural” way to control your progress.
Once again, thanks for the insightful comments. You run a good blog and I’ve added it to my reading list.
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