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A New Weight Loss Vaccine – No Way

Posted Jul 10 2012 12:00am


weight loss vaccine

   As a society, we are losing the war against obesity.  New research from the  ”Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology,” may put that to a halt.  A new could be on the horizon.

The vaccine is not a medicine but rather a hormone blocker.  The well known hormone, HGH (human growth hormone) could be the key to unlocking the weight loss mystery.

Previous studies have shown that growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) act to raise metabolism resulting in accelerated loss of body fat. When exogenous growth hormone is given to animals as well as humans in clinical studies, the result is a positive effect toward reducing obesity ( source ). 



weight loss vaccine

Growth hormone is a naturally occurring substance in the human body.  However, as we age, HGH get suppressed by another hormone known as, somatostatin.  The vaccine works by binding to the somatostatin, allowing the release of more into the system.

Since human growth hormone aids in metabolism, the result leads to a boost, creating weight loss.


The study was preformed on overweight mice that were fed high fat diets.  One group was given an injection of the vaccine while the other was given an injection of saline.  They were both injected on day 1 and day 22 of the 6 week long study.

The mice given the vaccine lost an average of 14% of their total weight through out the study.  While the mice given saline continued to gain.  Once the injections had stopped, the test mice were still we able to maintain their weight loss while on their high fat diets.

Statistically, both groups of mice ate the same amount.  Blood analysis on the test mice showed that the vaccine group created antibodies to prevent the somatostatin (blocking agent) from reoccurring after the vaccines stopped.


Since this research was only 6 weeks we don’t know of any long term affects that it might have on the body and it’s HGH production.  We will have to wait for more research to be published on the weight loss vaccine to find out.  Scientifically, it seems promising.


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