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A Glance At Traditional Ovarian Cyst Cures And Treatments

Posted May 26 2010 10:30pm
Ovarian cysts are a common condition among millions of women in the United States. At some point in their lifetimes, most women will have an experience with some type of ovarian cyst. When this happens, they will most often seek out different ovarian cyst cures and treatments to help them. This article will take a brief glance at some of the popular cures and treatments doctors commonly recommend for ovarian cysts.

When ovarian cysts have tested negative for cancer, doctors will often try prescribing birth control as an effective way to cure or treat the cyst. Oral contraceptives are known to induce ovulation, thus, they are often a successful cure for most common types of ovarian cysts. After a period of time of regular use, birth control methods are often successful in totally curing most types of non-cancerous ovarian cysts.

Another treatment/cure doctors suggest for ovarian cysts is a surgical procedure called a cystectomy. This surgical procedure is often recommended when the cysts are caught early, and can be removed without damage to the ovary itself. During the procedure, the doctor will surgically remove the cyst from the ovary in order to cure the problem.

When a cyst is detected at later stages of development, it may be necessary for the doctor to remove the parts of the ovary that have been affected. These circumstances can require a different surgical procedure referred to as an oofphorectomy. During this procedure, not only will the cyst be removed, but the doctor will also remove the portions of the ovary the cyst has damaged.

Lastly, if a cysts has tested positive for cancer, yet a different surgical procedure may be suggested called a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy entails the removal of the entire female reproductive system. Most often this method of ovarian cyst treatment is only suggested when the cyst is cancerous.

Ovarian cysts can be treated effectively in this day and age. With modern medicine available to most women in the United states, ovarian cysts do not have to be a problem.

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