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A Disorder Of The Brain That Causes Symptoms Of Bipolar In Children

Posted Mar 27 2010 10:00pm
Have you ever wondered why some children show hallmark traits of bipolar disorder? If so, you join many others in your curiosity. Quick research, on the internet or even with your physician, can provide you with invalid information that does little to help. Adding fuel to the fire, it seems like everyone has an opinion on why this is happening. It is difficult for the layperson to sift through all of this information to determine what has been validated. One piece of valid information showed that children with bipolar disorder have a cellular difference in the brain. This study was published in 2000 in the American Journal of Psychiatry. It is thought that the additional cells in two regions of their brains may cause overwhelming thoughts and feelings with induce the traits of bipolar disorder.

What Causes the Disorder?

Has anyone found the real cause of bipolar disorder in children? While we wish we could say that a single factor was the source, the answer is not that easy to come by. Many scientists think that this mental disease is caused by a number of factors, all working in unison. These factors can be divided into two groups: biological causes and psychological causes. In short, bipolar disorder in children is caused by both physical and outsider, environmental influences.

The Influence of Genes

Is bipolar disorder passed on from parents? People have researched this and found that twins and adopted children are more likely to get this mood disorder than people whose relatives don’t have any history of it. The study of twins showed that if one kid is bipolar the other one is three times more likely to have it as well.

Neurotransmitters – Gone Wrong

But what features are inherited? The Neurotransmitter system–the information network of the brain–has unfortunately received a lot of attention as the possible cause of bipolar disorder in both children and adults. Scientists have known for some time that mood disorders and neurotransmitters are linked. Indeed, using medications that target and change these transmitters are able to relieve bipolar symptoms.

Stress and its Triggers

Why does bipolar disorder occur? It may because of mental, environmental and emotional issues, having a stressful life. Stress usually comes from a lot of reasons. For example, losing your sweetheart, losing your revenue sources and moving to a place which is totally new for you may be those reasons. But stress is different to different people, and one’s huge stress and pains maybe just nothing or kind of pleasure to another person.

Summing it all together

The “Diathesis-Stress Model” is an explanation for symptoms of bipolar in children, and it may be the best explanation ever. Diathesis here means that a person is more vulnerable to some diseases, and he/she may inherit some physical problems, whether those physical problems will appear depends on the stress in his/her life. If you want to know more about symptoms of bipolar in children, you can visit this site

Ken P Doyle is a campaigner for bipolar disorder and has a lot of information on brain illness. As a campaigner he is willing to share some excellent information and findings on Symptoms of bipolar Symptoms of bipolar and bipolar in children .

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