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A Big Weight Loss Secret

Posted Nov 26 2012 9:09pm

I run into lots of people that are looking to lose weight and are looking for one magic tip. Should they eat lots of protein? Should they exercise 5 hours a day? Should they follow the latest crazy diet?

There is one magic secret that will help you more than anything else and that is to have weight loss goals. I know everyone has a weight loss goal, that is how a diet starts. People pick a number out of the air…I want to lose 10 pounds, or I want to lose 50 pounds. The trouble with focusing on a weight loss goal that is based on weight is that you do not succeed or win until you have lost all of the weight. What you need instead is a real goals. Not just one or tow goals but a handful of short and long term goals that have nothing to do with weight.

A Big Weight Loss SecretWhat would you like to be able to do tommorow? How about eat six good meals? How about drink 8 glasses of water? How about not eating any candy?

What do you want in one month? How about running three blocks non stop? Eating power meals all day? Exercising for an hour every day for a week? How about having YOUR perfect day as you have written it out today?

What do you want in a year? A marathon under your belt? Riding an exercise bike, or real bije 100 miles in one day? Going along the same vein how about riding 1000 miles in the next six months.

I have tried to give a few ideas here of real fitness goals but of course it is up to you to come up with a few of your own. Last Christmas I did a full blown Goal Setting post but at this time of year it would be good to just get a few goals together to get you through the rest of the year and then you can reset more then.

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