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♪ FitHits: Beats for the Bike

Posted May 14 2010 3:00am

Deekron Jenn and I love to add new tunes to our MP3 players to get us through our workouts. So when Deekron “The Fitness DJ” offered up his mixing skills, we took him up on it. Deekron is the DJ for MotionTraxx , which provides free music downloads for workouts. The mixes feature songs with steady beats and synchronize the tempo of the music to the pace of the movements. MotionTraxx is popular among runners, but there are also episodes for cardio work, cycling, walking and interval training. With Jenn and Tish’s newfound “love” for cycling , we thought it would be fun to get a cycling-centric playlist going on up in the FBG house of music .

Push Your Pedals Playlist

  1. Sound of Everything, Quantic and Alice Russell, 105 BPM: Organic grooves pair with a jazzy vocal for a fun warm-up track.
  2. Leave The World Behind (Dirty South Remix), Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello and Laid Back Luke, 128 BPM: The energy and pace of this song make it a good first track to start working; uplifting vocals and melodies help you leave the world behind and focus on your workout.
  3. All The Right Moves, One Republic, 146 BPM : Sounds like Maroon 5 with some edge. You do have all the right moves, don’t you?
  4. Love Drunk, Boys Like Girls, 150 BPM : Fast EMO fun.
  5. Paparazzi, Lady Gaga, 115 BPM : Good energetic recovery song, minus the flashing bulbs.
  6. Shots, LMFAO and Lil John, 127 BPM : Want a real shot in the arm? Drink this (responsibly).
  7. Rude Boy, Rihanna, 175 BPM : Double-time this one for 3 minutes of fast and furious work.
  8. Adir Adirim, Balkan Beatbox, 105 BPM : A funky one for recovery while cruising through Eastern Europe.
  9. Uprising, Muse, 130 BPM: Release your inner anarchist on the bike!
  10. Trust Me, JT Donaldson, 98 BPM : San Francisco’s master of smooth gives your workout a sultry kiss goodbye!

Any DJ who includes Lady Gaga automatically gets our approval! Notable new ones for us? Shots, which is a total spaz of a song but will get you moving, and Love Drunk because there’s just something I love about teen angst-y love songs.

For this specific cycling playlist, you’ll have to go to iTunes and download each tune individually. But for a free cycling download, hit up whenever it strikes your fancy. The site also has more than 30 episodes set at different tempos and musical styles are available on the site, so go see if there’s something you like! And remember to crank it up on indoor bikes—headphones can be dangerous on the road! —Erin

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