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911 Rescue Mix Up!

Posted Sep 06 2009 10:01pm

Last night both my husband and I were fast asleep before 10 p.m. We like to go to bed early because we are early risers. We were both dreaming away peacefully when at 11:35 p.m. I popped awake to the doorbell ringing. I woke up Rich, telling him I heard the doorbell. He told me I was dreaming; no one was ringing the doorbell. I was sure someone was. I heard it again, and so did Rich. I told him maybe there is an emergency, so we should see who it is. We both timidly walked to our front door entryway. I stood back and Rich bravely walked over to the door to look through the peep hole. Just as he was peeking through someone shines a flashlight into our frosted window near the front door. That someone also bangs on the door very loudly and yells, “Let us in right now!!!” I freak out and grab my cell phone to turn it on. I run to my girls’ bedroom and lock the door. I begin to dial 911. I am thinking there are men outside my front door trying to get in and rob or harm us. Did not think to wonder why they rang the doorbell first. I am also thinking of ways to protect my kids. I am also wondering if Rich is okay and if the men have gotten in. As I am connecting with the 911 operator I hear the front door opening and mens’ voices. I think, “Oh my word, they have just gotten in.” I am shaking and crying. I can barely tell the operator what is happening and have to tell her my home address twice. She gets it, then pauses. She tells me, “Someone from your house already called 911 ten minutes ago from the land line, now you are calling again. The police are already at your house.” I was stunned. I could not believe my ears. Say what? I told her we don’t have a land line anymore. We canceled it months ago. We only have cell phones, and I was just now calling her on my cell phone. I was wondering what she was talking about. She told me to walk out of the room and ask the police officers for myself, and to get off the phone with her. She sounded ticked off at me, as if I was playing a prank. I was totally shocked. My stomach had turned to acid from the panic adrenaline, and I was feeling like I was going to pass out. I walked out of the room and there are three policemen standing in our living room talking to Rich. They confirmed what the 911 operator told me. They scanned our home and Rich took them out to the sunroom. The only thing he could think that happened was that our dwarf bunny who lives in our sunroom had chewed through the former land line cord. It was still connected to our security system. When the bunny chewed it through it activated security and it dialed 911. Rich and the policeman checked the cord and sure enough it had been chewed through. We don’t even know how the bunny got to that side of the sunroom. We have it blocked off. She is one sneaky girl. So, we apologized to the policeman, they apologized to us for waking us up and scary us half to death (at least me anyway), and they left.

Took Rich and I awhile to fall back asleep. My stomach hurt so badly, and I kept thinking about how anything can happen at anytime. My life or lives of those I love could be over instantly. I am not afraid to die because I know I will be in heaven with my Father and my savior, Jesus Christ. That will be beyond wonderful! I am just afraid of the pain of death; the process of it, and I would never want my children to be hurt or for them to have to lose me or their father at a young age.

I woke up this morning (after finally falling asleep again last night) appreciating my family more and feeling more love for them than ever. I also asked God what He wanted me to learn from this experience and what it was for. I think He was trying to tell me to trust in Him and know that this is not my home. My home is in heaven. Don’t get too comfortable here. Also, to love my family with all my heart and to never ever take them for granted. This is a true story and this is what happened last night. I did think I might die and that was a really strange and sick feeling. The liquids in my stomach actually turned to acid and it felt like my stomach was being eaten away.

Luckily, I woke up this morning (a little tired) and my stomach and nerves were okay. I drove to my running buddies house and we had a nice run. We also discovered the exact spot of my injury and there was a big knot in my upper hamstring right under my glut. My friend rubbed out the knot and my leg feels much better now. Now I am getting ready to play outside with my kids, and I will be enjoying every second of it. Today is a good day and I am thankful!

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