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” The Rotater is Awesome for External / Internal Rotation “

Posted Nov 13 2010 5:01am

I met J.R. online.  When I discovered he was trying to overcome a shoulder injury, I asked if he’d like to give the Rotater a try.  He said yes, so we sent him a Rotater.  This is his response:


Thanks for giving me the chance to review the Rotater. It is really a blessing since I separated my left AC joint last year. Since the AC joint is sealed, it is difficult to get any fluid / nutrition to the injury to speed the recovery. The orthopedist gave me a series of dex shots and prescribed a flexibility program. The most important of these ROMs was internal rotation. I still have a bit of pain a year later, but these stretches have allowed me to train pretty hard again.

J.R. Joyner

J. R. Joyner

The Rotater is awesome for external / internal rotation. I have used it at the gym and it is very effective at priming my shoulder for benching, overhead pressing, etc. The important thing was for me to really get my arm locked tight into the Rotater so I could crank hard on it. The Rotater has allowed me to get really aggressive and push the limits of my ROM safely. Those are the immediate benefits. I have made the Rotater a part of my warm up every day. I will check back with you over the next weeks and months with updates on how it has affected my pain and mobility. As of now I am very pleased.

Just so you will know a bit of my background. I am a lawyer and also own Triumph Athletics, LLC which is a performance enhancement facility. I am CSCS, and USAW. I started training at 8, I am now 32. Became a personal trainer in 1999 in college and made a mistake by not making it my full time job instead of lawyering! Maybe I’ll hit a big case, retire, and become a full time Champion Builder? I was a collegiate cyclist and marathoner. Played sports all through HS.

JR Joyner
Joyner Law Firm, P.C.

DISCLOSURE: J.R. Joyner was given a free Rotater to help with his shoulder rehab.  His review (above) was voluntary.

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