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“Winning by losing” didn’t win me over

Posted Jul 19 2010 7:12am

Not having a laptop has really been killing me…

My original plan was to purchase a netbook, but part of me thinks I should just get a new laptop. Because I’m not sure of what to do, I’ve really just been putting it off. I’ll be a more active blogger once I make up my mind.

I know you guys all think that I basically kiss the ground Jillian Michaels does plank twists on, but I promise this was just the least scientific book I had on my reading list, which is why I finished it first.

Jillian Michaels “Winning by Losing.” Whenever I first started reading her “Making the cut” book, she told me that if I had more than 20 pounds to lose, that I should buy “Winning by Losing” instead. Bitch. I already bought the other book. So when I saw “Winning by Losing” at the library, I grabbed it along with “Banish Fat Boost Metabolism” and probably looked like a creepy fan girl.

Jillian breaks “Winning by losing” into three different sections:

  • Self
  • Science
  • Sweat

Instead of telling you things you most likely already know, I’ll just share with you the information that I found useful.

Getting over a plateu: You eventually hit a plateu when you are trying to lose weight because eating less causes your metabolism to slow down. Eating every few hours is one way to try to prevent this, but Jillian also suggests having a weekly calorie budget instead of a daily calorie budget. This means rather than eating the same amount of calories every day, mix up how many calories you eat daily and instead just stay under a weekly budget. Rather than eating 1500 calories every day, eat 1700 one day, 1300 the next, and so on, but just stay under the weekly budget that you need in order to still lose weight. This will make your metabolism unable to adapt to a fixed reduction.

Reading food labels: Manufacturers are able to claim 0 content on foods that have as much as a ninth of a gram or calorie. Foods like “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray that say they have 0 calories and 0 grams of fat may have less than 1 calorie and 1 gram of fat per spray, but per bottle it actually has 900 calories and 90 grams of fat. Make sure you look at the ingredients.

I actually remember seeing an episode of Ruby where she just is dumping this stuff into the food she is cooking. Gross!

Cooking Healthy at Home: Jillian suggests substituting Stevia or Splenda for sugar whenever possible, and using applesauce when baking. UMMMM, I definitely don’t recommend Splenda and actually think less of Jillian for her recommending it. I realize that I shouldn’t write in library books, but I did because I don’t want other people using the poison that is splenda in their foods. One legit suggestion is to put vanilla whey protein powder as part of the replacement for white flour in sweet baked goods.

Cardio or strenght training first: Jillian says to do strength training first. “If you do prolonged cardio beforehand you will have depleted most of your available blood sugar, which you very much need for those quick bursts of energy that resistance training requires. Additionally, cardio will fatigue your muscles beofre you lift a single weight, and that will prevent you from making out your muscle’s potential when training.”

Do I recommend the book? Not really. Making the cut was better. She really threw me off with that Splenda comment. I’m probably going to have to re-baptize myself.

And just as a side note, I also read

My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler. The book was pretty funny and entertaining. Chelsea’s not that great of a writer, but I’ll admit she has some style. She really doesn’t censor herself, which is nice. I mean, she writes about skid marks in her underwear. It was a nice break from all the normal weight loss, fitness, health mumbo jumbo I’m usually reading.

Have a great day guys, and remember, even the best of us get skid marks sometimes.


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