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8/17/08 - RESULTS (WEEK 1 OF 6)

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:25pm,%20seniors'%20health,%20red%20wine%20in%20diet.jpg

1 week down! This week was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did have some long 17 hour days but planning them out with extra food made all the difference.

The problems came yesterday. I've had some boyfriend problems, no need to go into them, and my friend was like you need a glass of wine. These times call for wine. Of course! Why didn't I think of that?? Because drinking wine causes me to eat 1,000 calories more than my daily allowance! I binge like it's no ones business when I drink. It was terrible. Really really terrible. And I didn't just have a glass of wine, I had more than 1/2 of the bottle. I'm glad the binge did not happen at work but happening because of drinking, when I'm not supposed to be drinking during my 40 day challenge, is just as bad. But I will pick myself off the bathroom floor and make up for it this week. Luckily I can have 3 cheats during my 40 day challenge and after yesterday I pretty much used all of them up.

Here were my goals and the results for this week:

Eat: 11,300 - actually ate 12,523 (1,223 over)

Burn: 2,350 - actually burned 2,342

Deficit: 2,200 - actual deficit was 1,019

Here are my measurements as of this morning and what I gained or lost from the previous week:

133 pounds (GAINED .8LBS)

26.3% body fat (GAINED 1%)*

28.7 inches around my waist (GAINED .2)

34.5 inches around my hips (GAINED .5)

*Why do I keep track of my body fat %?? The scale is not accurate! Yes I'm going to say this every week.

This week I must be careful of my calories. I was eating an average of 1625 calories a day inorder to stay under my goal of 65,000 calories in 40 days. Now I need to drop that to 1570. I think that will be hard but I can do it. I'm doing really well with my workouts and hopefully I can keep that up this week. I would like to add another yoga session this week if possible.

**NO PEANUT BUTTER STRAIGHT FROM THE JAR THIS WEEK. I got into a terrible habit of rewarding myself at the end of the day with some peanut butter. No more this week!!

I'm going to pretty much eat the same way I did last week. These are my goals for calories in, calories out, and macro nutrients ratios.


1400 600 30-40-30

1500 350 20-40-40

1600 300 30-40-30

1600 200 30-40-30

1600 300 40-30-30

1600 150 30-40-30

1500 500 20-40-40

This is how my weight looked this week:

Sunday: 132.2

Monday: 133.8

Tuesday: 132.8

Wednesday: 132.4

Friday: 132.2

Sunday: 133
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