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Posted Feb 21 2009 8:35pm

Here are seven most mistakes that newbies in exercise do when they want to lose weight:

Rely only on the machine.
The machine is designed to help you in getting results. However, you cannot blindly use it without understanding. The most important element here is your posture. It will guarantee that your workout will result in getting what you want most of the time. So, you will need to do a posture check several times throughout your workout.

Eat too many sport bars or drink too many energy drinks.
A lot of those contain many calories if you have too much. Actually, unless you are a heavy exercise person, you will not need these things. It is estimated that if you are doing endurance exercise for over two hours, you will need to have some of them. Otherwise, you should focus more on natural foods than those snacks or drinks.

Eat too little before exercise.
You will need to ensure that you have enough energy for your exercise. In order to do that, make sure that you eat before you do heavy exercise. This is to help maintain your energy while exercise.

Spend too much time at the gym.
Although you might have paid a lot of money to join the gym, you don’t have to be there all day long. Quality is more important than quantity. Spend an optimal amount of time there so that you do not get bored easily.

Focus too much on your abs.
Many people want to have good looking abs and no belly. Men and women are alike. However, you cannot just focus on that since you will need to have good balance of body structure. If you do too many abs exercises, you might experience in lower back pain. Consult with your trainer so that you can learn how to get what you want and not harm other parts of the body.

Lift too much weight.
Evaluate your strength and make your exercise a fun (not a painful) one. You can start with lighter weight and increase as you move forward. Lifting too much weight does not only harm your muscles, but also invites the possibility of injury.

Give up easily.
A lot of people get tired easily. They just take exercise too lightly and stop doing it after a few sessions. Don’t fall into this category. Make sure that you commit to it and do it consistently.


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