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7/27/08 - RESULTS

Posted Aug 03 2008 9:03pm 1 Comment

Here were my goals and the results for this TERRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD week:

Eat: 11,200 - actually ate 13,156 (over by 1,956)

Burn: 1,900 - actually burned 1,331

Deficit: 1,900 - actual deficit was 75

Alright so this was one of my worst weeks in a long time. For many reasons. Worked 7am-11:30pm on Wednesday night, car wouldn't start Thursday morning ($1500 later it's fixed), I felt like a train hit me Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, my grandma died Thursday night, I binged Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and overall I was just exhausted and run down. Nothing went right! Lots of challenges and I really wish I could have stood up for myself and not used food to help me feel better. It just shows that I still have work to do.

I will definitely miss my grandma. She had a heart attack 15 years ago from a lifetime of smoking, drinking, and eating probably the worst diet you could possibly imagine. Since her heart attack she had no short term memory and was much happier, did not smoke, and pretty much ate whatever you gave some because 10 minutes later she couldn't remember that she had just eaten. She LOVED hamburgers and milkshakes. Miss you grandma! But it does remind me that I don't want to be like that. Nor did my parents raise me to be like that. I am very thankful for my health and the fact that I have NOT smoked 1 cigarette in my entire life.

Here are my measurements as of this morning and what I gained or lost from the previous week:

137 pounds (GAINED 1 LB)

26.4% body fat (GAINED .6)*

29.5 inches around my waist (GAINED 1.3)

34.5 inches around my hips (GAINED .5)

*Why do I keep track of my body fat %?? The scale is not accurate! Yes I'm going to say this every week.

The disappointing part in this week is that I was at my lowest weight on Wednesday morning before the start of the binging. I was feeling great!!

Stayed tuned for my next plan.....40 days till my sister's wedding.
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The important thing is that you are not giving up. Just stick to your plan and you'll see results.
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