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6 Week Fitness Challenge: Week 3 Analysis

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:02pm

I took measurements early on Sunday instead of waiting til Monday, Superbowl issues.

I had a good week for the exercise portion. Calories are still too high though. My plan, in week #3, was to drop calories to 1900 - this is below my initial 6 week goal of 2100 average calories per day - but I still went over the initial 2100 goal by 100 calories per day. I've got to tighten up.

Workouts went well. I felt pretty pumped all week, I got everything done and wanted to do more.

So here are the week 3 measurements;

Weight - 201
BF % -17.7
LBM - 165.5
Fat - 35.4
Pant Size - 36

I didn't hit the 199 pound mark but feel comfortable with my progress.

In 3 weeks I have accomplished the following;

  • Dropped 7 pounds of scale weight(avg. loss per week = 2.3 lbs.)
  • Dropped 3.3% in BF%
  • Dropped 8.1 pounds of Body Fat
  • Gained 1 pound of LBM
  • Dropped from a 38 to 36 pant size.
Going forward.

In the last three weeks I want to kick it up a notch, not so much in the activity department, more so on the food. I know I can still tighten up the calories better.

With the above results and a new found determination to do better with the nutrition I feel i can at least duplicate the above results over the next 3 weeks. If so, the final numbers might look something like this;

Weight = 194
BF% = 14.4%
LBM = unchanged
Pant Size = 32

Although these numbers will be great I still want to do more. This 6 Week Fitness Challenge has really got me focused on where I want to be physically - something I have been neglecting over the past few years. So, when this challenge is completed I will take about a 2 week break before starting my second 6 Week Challenge to aim for numbers like these;

Weight = 184
BF % = 10%
LBM= 166
Pant Size = 30
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