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6 Week Fitness Challenge: Day #6 - Personal Fitness Plan

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:02pm

Here is my personal plan for 42 days to Success.

After getting my measurements done I had a starting point from which I could plan. Knowing I only had 42 days to achieve these goals I wanted to be realistic and create goals that were healthy - not Biggest Loser type goals where I am trying to lose 10+ pounds per week.

I realized - if at the end of the 42 days I still had little a further to go - I would be so pumped and motivated from the success of the initial 42 days, it would be easy to set a new challenge with a different set of goals.


Fat Loss - Lose 15 lbs.
LBM - Add 2 lbs.
BF% - Drop 5%

If I achieved these numbers my final weight would be 195 lbs @ 16% body fat. I also want to drop 4 inches off my belly ;). I still can't get over this starting measurement, oooouch! (I must have been bloated that day)

  • Cardio: 6 hours per week of low to moderate intensity cardio training utilizing various cardio machines, Spin classes, outdoor running and hiking. Occasionally I will add Interval Training, where I push my Max HR to 92% - but will only be done once every 10 sessions.
  • Resistance Training: 3-4 strength sessions per week using a triple split at a fast paced tempo. All workouts are to be completed within 30 minutes.


I will go into more detail about my nutrition plan in a later post but the basics are: 2100 - 2300 calories daily with 175 - 200 grams of protein. Saturated fat intake will be less than 5%.


When all the right components of a fitness program are in place I believe that supplements are essential. You want to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs for repair and to help facilitate the goals that you have chosen. So my supps. are;
  • 2x Super Fat Loss Accelerator. A lipotropic formula plus super L-carnitine. These help in the breakdown, distribution and burning of fatty acids. I will use these before and after every cardio workout.
  • Multi-Vitamin. Regardless of whether you are or aren't exercising, a multi-vitamin is essential. We could all use a little nutritional insurance. The multi-vitamin that I use is dosage specific - meaning - the amount that I take is dependent on my caloric intake and must be spaced throughout the day, this increases absorption. The opposite of this would be the time released variety where you take only one dose per day and does not take your caloric intake into consideration.
  • BCCA. Branched Chain Amino Acid. These three little beauties, Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine contribute immensely to muscle repair and recovery.
  • Whey Protien Powder. A great way(excuse the pun) to increase your protein intake without adding unwanted calories.


As I documented in an earlier post about my lack of sleep, I will try to achieve at least 6.5 hours per night. I think this will be the hardest part of my challenge.


Exercise is great for toning muscle and burning fat. The rest of our everyday lives in a sedentary society(driving in cars, sitting at desks), is great for shortening the length of muscles and tendons. Not only does stretching counter this consequence of our lifestyles but is also a great way to reduce stress and unwind.

The main area that gets tight for me is in the hip complex and shoulder regions. I will stretch on a daily basis - 5-10 minutes - to stay as limber as possible.


I have goals set and a plan to follow. The challenge has begun - can I adhere to the plan for a consecutive 42 days? I say "yes I can" (in honor of our next President).

Only time - and this blog - will tell...
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