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#6 Steps To A SeXy Summer Body ~ Step #3 Beach Buns

Posted May 03 2013 6:10pm
3. Beach Buns
When most of us think about toning our glutes, the first exercises that come to mind are lunges and squats. Here are some of the other top recommendations to get a summer body in the derriere region:

- Stiff-Legged Deadlift – Hold two dumbbells down in front of you, with your feet shoulder width apart. Slowly bend over until you feel the stretch in your hamstrings, then come back up.

- Good Morning – Place a barbell across your shoulders (behind you). Bend forward at the hips until your body is at a 90° angle. Slowly rise back up to standing position.

- Reverse Hyperextension – This exercise should be done face down on a bench with legs extending off of the end. Slowly lower your legs without actually touching the ground, then raise them to the original position.

- Abductions – You can do these by lying on one side and raising your opposite leg in the air, or standing straight and lifting one leg to the side.

- Step-ups - One of my favorite which can be done on a box, bench, any high stable platform that you are able to step up on and off that if higher than the ground. Use a barbell, dumbbells, kettle bell, even leg weights or whatever you have to give you some weighted resistance. You can also perform with No weight if you chose and do higher reps for a great burn. Changing higher levels and doing with weight or without is great for different variations.
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