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5 Sure Ways To Commit to Calories & Lose Weight

Posted Jan 11 2009 2:48pm
When you start a new diet it is always exciting and easy to ‘commit’ to a daily calories loss menu and regular exercise. You tell yourself that this time you are going to stick with it, this time will be different, this time you are really committed. But do you really stick with the diet or do you go back to your old eating habits and end up with no weight loss and sometimes even a weight gain?

The truth is that this does happen more often than we would like because dieting is tough sometimes and making changes to our lifestyle can be tough too. If you want the changes you make to your eating habits and exercise to be effective over the long term, you will need to commit seriously to making sure that this happens. Looking great and feeling healthy always starts with a genuine commitment to this goal through a calories loss diet and daily exercise.

This requires you to do more than just deciding and acting on this alone, because to make the necessary commitment you really need to ‘go public’ and be prepared to publicize your serious intention to succeed just as politicians Senator Obama and Senator McCain have been as part of their presidential election campaigns. When you have committed yourself on other important occasions, you may have used outward signs like pledges, certificates and rings. The beginning of your diet and new lifestyle with a calories loss eating plan is one of the most important commitments will ever make and deserves an outward sign of your intention to succeed.

Making a commitment to lose weight and enjoy a healthy life is important and you can do this in a number of fun ways including a written contract where you agree to stick with your program for a minimum of six months and then review your progress and commitment then . Make sure that you specify the outcome of following your contact and breaking it. Add your signature and request a witness countersigns it so that it can be a sign and a reminder of your commitment that you keep in a public place.

Paying for a fitness trainer and joining a gym is action that reflects a very clear commitment to reaching your weight loss goal. Both require your money up front without refund if you fail to show up or drop the program for any reason. Payment for these reasons to help you become fit and healthy can be an effective way to make a long term commitment to weight loss.

Start up a ‘Weight Watching’ club by finding friends and workmates who like the idea of sharing their commitment to a healthier body and life. Make meetings fun, focusing on each others’ weight loss success and include time to hear about what works best for individuals. Support groups like this are public opportunities for members to make initial and then ongoing commitment to themselves and each other and work very effectively for large weight loss organizations as well as smaller groups.

Let others know about your new eating plan, in particular those at home, in your workplace and any of your other usual contacts. Let them know about your weight loss and exercise goals and the program you plan to follow and notice how they ask you about your calories loss eating and the impact that this has on your weight loss. Because you have shared your plans with others, there is a strong possibility that you will remain committed even when things get tough and you are tempted to give up.

Have a clear mental ‘picture’ of how you plan to look when you have reached your goal weight. Find pictures in magazines of the new ‘look’ you are working towards and display them at home and in your workplace. This very public way of committing to a healthy weight loss for good through calories loss and exercise is very public commitment at the beginning of your diet and an effective motivator to keep you strong and resilient even when times get tough.

Rowena French commits to a healthy life by controlling her body weight. Tired of complicated diets without success? genuine about lasting weight loss? My free gifts explain how calories loss is the simple answer. Read my guide, hear my audio book!

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