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5 reasons to do Cardio Workouts

Posted by Swati S.

Cardio exercises are a great way to not just look good, but also feel good. Here are 5 reasons why cardio exercises are good for you.

Increases blood circulation

Good for the heart and lungs

Helps to lose weight

If you have problems with sleeping properly, then regular cardio exercises will help with better sleep patterns.

It’s a good stress-buster, and gives an overall feeling of health and well-being.

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I find when I don't exercise, I turn into a right bitch :) And if I've had a bad day, it really helps if I can even get to the gym for 20 minutes and do something...I feel soooo much better and forget all my issues for a little while.
You said it for me. I don't go to the gym so much, but I take regular walks - and if I miss it,.then it seems like I forgot to do something essential - like brushing my teeth or something!
You are all correct in sharing your 'elation' with cardio workouts. Increasing heart rate and hence blood/oxygen circulation also releases "endorphins' (good hormones) that actually help you "feel good". The longer you engage in cardio work, the more 'feel good' hormones are circulating in your body. So when you're down and out, and just want to feel better, lace up your athletic shoes, get up, and MOVE :)
Thanks for the advice. It's always nice to know the 'why' behind something!
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