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5 Must Do Exercises For Michelle Obama Arms

Posted Apr 03 2009 11:02pm

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

This is a guest post by Omar, Certified Personal Trainer in Orlando.

If you have not seen Michelle Obama’s arms, then you need to take close look at them the next time you see her. There is a lot of fuss going on about her arms right now, and everyone wants to know: How did she get those arms? If you take a close look, you will notice that her arms are long, sleek, and very toned with great definition. She has a well sculpted arm without having the appearance of bulkiness or masculinity, a result that most women fear when weight lifting. The fear of bulkiness often scares several women away from attempting to lift her very first weight. If you want arms like Michelle Obama, then you are going to have to take the necessary steps and discover the exercises that she has done to get them looking as toned as they do.

Here are the exercises needed to achieve Michelle Obama arms:

For The Triceps and Shoulders:

1. The barbell extension. For this exercise, you will stand with your feet hip width apart and a straight barbell in your hands. Raise the barbell straight up over your head, and bend your arms at the elbows. This exercise will work your triceps. Raise the barbell back up slowly and back down in just the same manner. Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Bench dips. This is another great exercise for toned and tight tricep muscles. All you have to do is get two benches, one slightly lower than the other and place your feet on the lower end, while placing your hands on the other. You will lower yourself to the floor, until your arms reach a 90 degree angle at the elbows. Raise back up again and do this exercise 10-15 times. Start off with 1 set until your strength increases. If you need more of a challenge, then place a weight plate on top of your lap while performing the exercise.

3. The shoulder press. Sit down on top of a bench that also provides back support, and take a pair of dumbbells and raise them over your head to maximum extension. Lower back down slowly, and repeat. You can start with a weight that is comfortable for you, but most women prefer something around 10 pounds for a combination of comfort and results. Do 10-15 repetitions.

For The Biceps:

1. The bicep curl: Take two 3-5 pound weights and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure that your arms are right next to each side. Raise the weight up slowly for a count of one, then back down. You can raise the weight if you would like until you feel somewhat of a challenge. Most people prefer to start off light, however. For more toning you will need to set the weight a bit lighter, and the repetitions, moderate. Usually no more than 15-20 for advanced lifters.

2. Overhead cable curl. For this exercise you will stand between two cable pulleys, and adjust the weight to your selected level of comfort. Make sure that the weight allows you to do at least 10 repetitions for maximum toning. First, grab the pulleys and hold your arms straight out to your sides as if your body is forming a “T”. Allow your hands to be at about the same height as your head, keep your elbows level and pull the weight with your arms. Make sure that you do this exercise slowly, and also see to it that you feel a real “crunch” when the weight has been fully extended toward you before releasing. Start with 10-15 repetitions.

As with any other exercise program, you are going to have to stick with it before seeing any results. Michele Obama is not shy about showing off her muscular arms, and if you stick with these exercises, you will not be either. Remember that if you are looking for more tone to increase your repetitions, but not too much. You will want to be sure that you are feeling a challenge, but not to the point of strain. If you feel that you are experiencing strain, stop. Simply lighten the weight or lessen the repetitions. Do not forget to rest in between workouts. Muscles have to completely heal before they can be worked again or there can be no real results. Give these exercises a few weeks, and you will be well on your way to achieving Michelle Obama’s sleek and well-defined arms!

I am a well known Personal Trainer in Orlando and you can learn more about my fitness programs that will help you get Michelle Obama Arms at

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