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5 fun ways to stay fit!

Posted by Gina F.

Top Five Super-Fun Ways To Stay Super-Fun Fit! (Betcha didn't think of these.)

Top5_3This week, Darren Rowse at Problogger put his readers up to a challenge and asked them to write a "Top 5" list, so I decided to join the fun. Below are my top 5 choices for super fun and unique ways to get in shape this summer. To be honest, I have not tried all of these, but I would if they were available in my area. (Keep in mind, some of these are high-impact fitness programs and are not for everyone. They are for people who are already reasonably fit. I know I don't need to say it, but I will - consult your doctor before starting any new fitness program.) So, here it is ... my "Top 5" list for keeping the blub away this summer while, at the same time, having fun.

Aerialyoga_21. Aerial Yoga ... That is, yoga on an aerial apparatus. With this type of Yoga, due to gravity, you have no choice but to learn the proper alignments. This will strengthen shoulders, strengthen core ab muscles, and increase spinal flexibility ... without the strain and the pain. Plus, it'll put some fun in your life. No previous yoga experience required.

2. Recreational Flying Trapeze ... Here's something for you thrill Trapeze_4 seekers. Now you can fly! Here is an academy that doesn't just offer trapeze classes for professionals, but they make it so everyone can experience the thrill of flying. They work with you at your level, beginner or professional, and will take you as far as you want to go ... to basic workouts or to daring tricks. This probably isn't available in many cities, but it is worth mentioning.

3. Jazzercise ... Jazzerciseis back and it is a combination of all the fun stuff ... jazz dance, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, and resistance training. Go here to find a class near you.

4. Indoor rock climbing ... For those of us not brave enough for the real thing, there is always another Rockclimbing_3option. I've done the mock rock climbing a couple of times and loved it. Most rock climbing facilities offer programs for different fitness levels. You can do it just for recreation or take it to the competition level if you prefer. A good facility will provide classes to teach proper use of the belay equipment. This sport is relatively safe, although there are some risks and lots of responsibility on the climber for his own safety.

5. KickboxingCardio Kickboxing ... Okay, like Jazzercise, this one isn't so unique, but it is my fave! I am absolutely addicted to cardio kickboxing and do it five days a week. It is funny that I would claim it as my favorite because it is also the hardest thing (physically that is) I have ever done. Kickboxing is not a brutal sport. It is an effective self defense and fitness program. You will, however, get the similar fitness as a fighter ... minus the bruises. Go here to read up on the history of kickboxing.

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What is wonderful about your list is that these are all really fun activities. They could really break up a boring workout routine and inspire you to get/stay fit. Do you know where they offer the flying trapeze in the bay area?
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