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4 tips for keeping up with an *active* child (or friend or life-partner).

Posted Sep 03 2013 4:03am

Oh Miz.  I get tired reading about how you play with the Tornado. This makes me terrified to have kids because it looks exhausting!!!  I need motherhood tips now LOL


Im not a super young mother.

This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing – it just is.

Because of this, however, I’m confident I spend more time thinking about how I can keep up with my seven-year-old’s boundless energy than my mom-peers in their early 30s.

Tomorrow? I have that covered as well. ( 3 cheers for the ease of playground play! )

The years to come?

The years where she’ll only get faster, busier & (with any luck) more focused on movement?

You’d better believe I have a plan for staying fit, feisty and fabulous(ly active) as I move toward 50+.  (<—ACRONYM ALERT! ACRONYM ALERT!)

My secret weapon is K.I.D.S

A four-pronged approach applicable for young-at-heartyoung-in-age parents alike.

Keep up with interests. The Tornado loves gymnastics & I can still contort into a backbend .  As interests change, I may no longer possess the ‘skills.’  This isn’t important. What is important is staying in touch with her passions. Notice what your child loves.  Learn about the hobby. Talk about what he’s doing/playing. Communication & strong parent/child bond boosts health as much physical activity.

look out 3013 Olympics!

look out 3013 Olympics!

Invest in you. Put yourself first & make time for exercise/healthy living . It can feel as though takes you away from your child, but helps you keep up with them & *able* to active-play later.

I leave this EARLY to snag some me-time.

I exit this EARLY to snag me-time.

Do new things! A large part of staying healthy as we age/playing an active role in children’s lives resides between our ears. Keep your cranium stimulated with new athletic activities . This prong also has added benefit of making you the coolest parent on the cul de sac when you gather the kids for a day of slack lining or pogo stick’ing!

This game tests my brain!

This game tests my brain!

Start or Stay in shape.  Fallen off the workout wagon? Thought of child-chasing all afternoon sound exhausting? Make today the day you start a workout routine . Even something as *seemingly* basic as opening the front door and walking outside ROCKS for increasing energy! Already exercise? Don’t stop . Exercise begets energy and is our best line of defense when it comes to keeping up with our kids.


ExerciseEnergy gives LifeEnergy!

ExerciseEnergy gives LifeEnergy!

There you have it.

The K.I.D.S. ACRONYM I lean on during days I feel freakin wiped out less than super-energetic.

Now you.

  • Please to add a letter to my acronym! What do you do to stay ENERGIZED with your child, life-partner or friends?


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