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4 tips for finding resistance training motivation

Posted Oct 10 2013 4:00am
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mojo mojo where did you go go?

Whether it’s my overzealousnessment (technical term) or just happenstance—people associate me with an unflagging love of resistance training.

When conversation turns to exercise people invariably turn to me & lament a lack of resistance training motivation.

“I want to–I just cant seem to get myself to start.” is the typical refrain.

Or anything and everything along the lines of this comment from last week:

Screen shot 2013 09 30 at 5.22.45 AM 4 tips for finding resistance training motivation

I cant pretend to relate to any of this.

There are myriad things Ive started & ceased (Im a big believer in QUITTING )–but not the weights.

Unlike cardio-mojo–which I never possess–my excitement simply doesnt wane when it comes to weights or bodyweighted-playouts .

Ive sat.

Ive thought.

Ive pondered why I love iron/ bands / bod training .

Ive challenged myself to identify *what* keeps me happily motivated unlike cardio where I lament & make excuses daily.

20120908 061953 4 tips for finding resistance training motivation

do I have *any* tips to proffer?

Here’s what I realized:

Four tips for finding & maintaining resistance training mojo:

  • Plan.  Plan. Plan.  These days Im an intuitive exerciser —I was not when I started.  Whether you’re a pen & paper planner or an app-user plan your workout.  Get specific (sets, reps, rest periods etc).  Next step? Create a Plan A & Plan B for each training session. Whether youre training at home, playground, or gym plan what you’ll do if machines are unavailable etc.  Planning sets you up for success & provides you far less opportunity for excuses.
  • More muscle = higher metabolism .  Of course Im not saying we *shouldnt* do cardio, but this DEFINITELY motivates me to resistance train (I had a client who hung this as a sign in her home!).  Im not willing to watch what I eat as I age. Im not willing to limit my portions & shift from mindful eating to calorie counting as I age.  Im *very* motivated to resistance train by higher metabolism it provides.
  • It’s fastI am not training for competition.  My competition is LIFE .  My workouts are short (some of this is from pre-planning some is they need to fit into my life) and focused.  Twenty minutes.  I can always find (& motivate for) twenty minutes in my day especially when the pay-off is lower stress and higher metabolism.  Nothing would derail *my* mojo faster than and hours long training session.
  • It empowers meWhen I finish cardio—I feel depleted.   When I finish resistance training (be it silly PLAYout with the Tornado or traditional lift) I feel empowered.  I feel strong .  Im reminded I AM MY OWN SUPERHEROWeight training helped my find my voice.  It gave me the confidence to demand to be heard & know Im worthy of taking up *space* in the world. Who wouldnt want to make time for something when it feels that amazing & extends into all realms of life?


Now you. 

  • What’s your best tip for finding or maintaining resistance training mojo?
  • Do you have a fave workout planning/recording smart phone app to share?

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