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4 Reasons Why I LOVE Exercise

Posted Oct 08 2009 12:00am

Hello darling readers! Sorry for yesterday's hiatus. I just wanted to let you know that since my little meltdown Tuesday, I have exercised. And I feel a whole lot better. YAY! Seriously. On Tuesday I took this Body Web TRX class at Crunch. (You can see a video here . ) I had never tried it before, and hanging from those ropes was new and challenging. Just what I needed! I couldn't believe how wonderful I felt afterwards! Then yesterday I finally met with Taj for our final training session. She KILLED me. And I hated her for it. But then I really loved it. Breaking out into a sweat just makes me incredibly happy. Here are four reasons why:

1. Better sleep
I was SO tired on Tuesday night, and sleep was sooo good! 'Twas a lovely feeling!

2. Better appetite
After I do any kind of strength training, I'm ravenous. I LOVE working up a healthy appetite because of exercise! For some reason, food just tastes better after a butt-kicking workout, don't you think?

3. Better conscience
I used to have guilt issues when it came to exercising. I don't think I knew how to love myself, so I could never carve out time for me. Well, I'm over it. Now, the opposite is true: if I don't take time (45 mins, three to four times a week is all it takes) to handle my health, I know I am doing a major disservice to the people I love and need to take care of...besides, I'm just more pleasant to be around after those exercise-induced endorphins kick in!

4. Better mental state
I am so much more clear-minded and productive after exercise!

How about you? Why do you LOVE exercise today?

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