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4 Part Abdominal Program

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:27pm
When any of my clients ask me to design them an abdominal program, I make sure to make it is the most comprehensive program it possibly could be. To insure this, the program must work all the different directions the muscle fibers run and use all the abdominal muscle actions.

The four parts of a complete ab workout are as follows:
  1. Ribs to Hips

    The most commonly performed movement, puts emphasis on the upper part of the rectusabdominis

  2. Diagonal movements, rotations, and twists

    These exercises put more emphasis on the obliques, the muscles that run on the sides of the front of your torso.

  3. Hips to Ribs

    Lifting the hips towards the ribs with a bent knee or straight leg will put extra stress on the lower part of the rectusabdominis

  4. Isometrics

Isometric ab exercises like the forearm plank (above), work on core stability and activation of the transverse abdominis

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