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4 Inner Thigh Exercises That Will Shape Lean Sexy Legs

Posted Jan 30 2010 9:27pm
Your thighs are very powerful and they just happen to be one of the biggest complexes of muscles in your body. This have two very important meanings for you…

1. This muscle complex and burn a lot of calories and destroy a lot of fat. 2. This muscle complex when trained correctly will give your body tons of support and proper balance.

Bottom line is your thighs and legs are very important muscles to develop for your body. And besides concentrating on building nice long muscles, you really need to make sure that you also keep their flexibility… especially as you age.

One more thing… while you can target your inner thighs, most women want to get rid of fat. In order to do that you need to have your entire body drop fat. So you’ll notice that these exercises are great for your legs overall.

Let’s dive into these exercises so you can sculpt your inner thighs quickly:

1. The Normal Squat – This exercise is probably one of the best exercises for your body and it really tackles everything. A common misconception is to stop going down when your thighs become parallel to the floor… don’t… keep going further down. It’s the secret to getting even more out of this exercise.

That will help engage more muscles in your legs and therefore you get better results. The other really important thing to remember about the squat is to point your toes forward and don’t let them move out… that signifies and muscle imbalance.

2. Deadlifts – This exercise is right there along with the squat as greatest of exercises. Responsible for activating almost every part of your body, the deadlift will massively sculpt your thighs. Remember this though… form is everything for maximum effectiveness. Keep your back perfectly straight.

After you deadlift your thighs and butt are going to be killing you, but in a good way. After all you wanted to get those sexy thighs right? One last thing to remember too, keep your feet pointed straight like the squat and I can’t stress keeping your back straight. Use your legs to do the work.

3. The Walking Lunge – Doing the walking lunge is a great exercise. Lunges target your entire thigh and they are a very powerful fat burning… muscle building… move.

When you do the walking lunge, you’re getting a little better of a workout, because you are engaging all of your stabilizer muscles so you don’t lose balance. That means you will build better balance… symmetry… and burn more calories.

4. Sprinting – You might be surprised by this one because it’s not exactly what you thought. However, sprinting is an exercise and a really good one. It activates many muscles that don’t really get worked when weight lifting.

Being fast will help your muscles train just differently enough that you will finish off the fat destroying and be left with lean… feminine ripped thighs.

These are only four, although the best four exercises for getting sexy and lean thighs… and inner thighs. Don’t just do these exercises in one session, work them into a full body program and you will see massive transformation.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you of how important form is to getting the best results. Make sure you concentrate on form first then add the weight second.

Taylor Ryan is a NASM certified personal trainer who works exclusively with women. She teaches the Trinity Training System which is a fitness training system for total body development. It also includes nutrition and motivation. Learn more about her online gym where you can get custom womens exercise programs.

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