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4 Hacks to a "V" Shaped Back

Posted Apr 15 2008 2:15pm 1 Comment

Back Muscle
Photo from stenbough

Have you wonder how people get that wonderful massive back? To enhance the appearance of your whole physique, one would definitely need a well developed back. It would be very awkward if you have big chest and a small back. That is why, the back is always the group of muscles I love to target.

The back contains several smaller back muscles and 3 different major muscles, the trapezius (traps), the latissimus dorsi (lats) and the spinal erectors. Therefore to maximise your back development, you need to adopt a variety of exercises. Sounds difficult? Fear not, I will be introducing exercises that you can perform in a gym to get that “V” shape you always desire. No quick gimmicks for sure.

Firstly, you need to understand the major muscles of the back to be able to train them effectively.

The Trapezius
Exercises that target the trapezius helps to add the upper back thickness.

The Latissimus Dorsi
Lats are the muscle that adds width to your back to help you achieve the “V” shape you always wanted.

The Spinal Erector
Exercises that target the spinal erector helps add thickness to your lower back. A strong lower back also allows you to lift heavier when doing deadlifts.

After understanding some of the back muscles, here are the hacks to help you grow them:

Back Hack No.1 - Deadlift
Yes! It is the deadlift again. This wonderful exercise not only works your back, it also builds most of the muscle all over your body because it targets many muscle groups such as the traps, lats, arm, leg and much more! Although it is an effective exercise, it is very taxing and people often perform it wrongly so it is advisable to have a spotter near you. Don’t lift heavy the first time although I know you are full of adrenaline to pump up your back. Start light and learn to get the technique right.

Back Hack No.2 - Pull Ups
Yet another wonderful compound exercise! The chin up is also wonderful as it not only targets the back muscles. It works the lats, biceps, middle back and a lot more. Doing wide grip pull ups help to target the upper lats more as more pressure is added. Although is an effective exercise, most people have trouble doing one repitition! But don’t worry, you can always have a training partner to help you.

Back Hack No.3 - Bent Over Row
Again, a compound exercise! The bent over row targets the traps, lats biceps and a lot more! This exercise must be performed in correct form too so it is advisable to lift light if it is your first time. Learn to get the technique right. Make sure your back is not rounded when doing it!

Back Hack No.4 - Seated Cable Row
The seated cable row targets the back muscle in general. The arm is also being worked with this exercise. Another excellent exercise to add on.

Ultimately, how your back will look like depends on your genetics. But that is not an excuse for not training your back!

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Excellent suggestions, the deadlift is my all-time favorite free weight exercise, and you can never go wrong with pull-ups. I also like to throw in some heavy bag work on back day - I feel like I get a totally different kind of back workout from throwing punches
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