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4 Food Items That Elevate Food Cravings

Posted Sep 22 2011 10:23pm

Hunger during a weight loss diet is without doubt one of the main reasons why people cannot stick to their diet. Often those that begin to feel hungry will find it hard to follow their diet precisely, often snacking to fight the cravings for food ruins all the hard work to safely.

Feelings of hunger can often be an issue during a weight loss diet, even though it doesn’t have to be. Anyone can boost their efforts, when they know about the various food items that cause hunger and food cravings and so that you know exactly what to avoid, below are some of those foods to stay away from.

White Rice

After eating white rice you’ll often end up feeling really hungry. A huge blood sugar spike can often occur after eating it. There is then a sharp decline and insulin is then released, which ends up in glucose being sucked from the blood. Our brain is designed to inform us to consume more food when we have low sugar levels. Choose brown rice instead for safe weight loss.

Sugary Cereals

Sugary cereals is another food type that will cause food craving levels to increase. Without reading the cereal label you wont know if you’re consuming a high amount of sugar, even if the label does say that it is low in fat. During breakfast eat oatmeal, bran cereal or any other cereal that contains no added sugar, this helps you control your hunger and cravings for food, which will make it much easier for you to stick to your diet.

Snack Bars

It’s impossible to balance the carbohydrates due to fat content and the low protein found in snack bars. This will result in a boost in blood sugar, shortly followed by reduced energy. After your energy levels have dropped, you’ll normally eat more food to try and replenish your energy levels. Eating snack bars will make it much harder for you to reach your ideal weight if you do this often. Eat a piece of fruit or vegetable instead.


As candy is without doubt one of the worst food types to eat while trying to lose weight safely, you must avoid it as much as possible. Candy that is made out of pure sugar is worse than foods that have some fat content in them as it gives you a sudden increase in blood sugar levels.

You can help your diet by avoiding the foods above, doing this will help you to control your hunger. There are supplements such as appetite suppressants available that help to lose weight safely and keep food cravings under control. The best appetite suppressants can help you .

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