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30 Day Yoga Challenge: Days 19-22

Posted Apr 23 2013 9:04am

I hit a bit of a snafu (is that how you spell that?) with my challenge.  And I’m bummed.  It’s totally Murphy’s law that as soon as you hit the groove something happens.

I did something to tweak my hip on Day 18.  I’m not sure what, but it just felt like I pulled something.  I am the oldest 24 year old in the world…no wonder I’m single.  Who wants to take on a 24 year old who already has a bum hip?


Day 19 – I took Friday off from yoga  because I was hoping that a day of rest would do the hip good.  I ended up meeting my mom for dinner and shopping for my graduation outfits then just chilled in all night.  Since I was bored and still in the groove I tried heading down to my basement gym to get in a little cardio.  Tried walking on the treadmill…that was a no go.  The elliptical felt fine though, so I did an hour on that while watching reruns of the old Bravo reality show “Workout” about gay/straight personal trainers in Beverly Hills circa 2006.  Nothing makes you want to stay on the elliptical more than looking at these people.



Day 20 - Hip still hurts.  Since the elliptical wasn’t a problem I went to yoga.  I figured that if I couldn’t do certain moves, I would just modify.  The worst that could happen was that I couldn’t do ANYTHING in which case I would just chill in child’s pose for 90 minutes.  Sounds lovely.  This ironically ended up being probably one of the best yoga practices of my life.  I did every upward facing dog perfectly, kept the pace, was in great form, and I wasn’t even next to a cute girl.  Go me.


Day 21 – Resting the hip day.  After walking around the city a lot on Saturday afternoon (running errands) and Saturday night (bar hopping) my hip was angered…I ended up walking around looking like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Day 22 – Made an appointment with a chiropractor.  Never had been to one before, but here was my logic.  I go to a regular doctor, wait a long time in a waiting room, have them look at me for 5 seconds, and they probably say I just pulled something or need an x-ray.  I know I didn’t BREAK my hip.  It’s just a little mis-aligned.  So I would try this avenue and if I don’t get relief I’ll see a more Western medical doctor.  The chiropractor was really nice, gave me some minor adjustments, and sent me on my way.  He said that my right leg (the one connected to the hurting hip) was 1/2 inch shorter than the other, not because it was actually shorter, but because it was out of alignment.  He fixed me up and said he’d see me in 2 days.  I wanted to go to yoga and do cardio, but I didn’t want to undo anything he did…is that stupid?  I walked around the city a bit which he said was good to do after an adjustment and then just went home and accomplished some stuff.  Worked in the evening, then stayed up way too late watching Big Love reruns on HBO go.  Clearly I have amazing taste.


Day 23 – Still early yet, but I have high hopes for today!  My hip is still a bit uncomfortable but not in pain so I’m going to try some cardio and yoga (even though I’m an idiot for staying up past 3 am watching Big Love and then accidentally waking up at 7:30 am not being able to fall back asleep)  After all I did get some new sneakers for the first time in a year…need to take these puppies for a spin.  Maybe they will help my bum hip?



Like my awesome photography skills?  Yup I didn’t even get out of my bed to take that picture.  Can you tell?

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