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30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1

Posted Apr 03 2013 2:23pm

My palms were sweaty, I was walking with my yoga mat (which took me 20 minutes to find since it has been so long since I’ve been to yoga) the four short blocks to the studio.  I hadn’t been to this studio in 2 years.  Was there a computerized check in?  Did I have to sign something?

Luckily a girl walks in with her yoga mat right ahead of me.  Phew, I can see what she does.  Simply goes up to the guy behind the desk (who I remember is the owner) and says her name before moving into the changing area.  I say my name, he checks me in.  I could have stopped there, but I nervously said something about buying a new package.  He said he was glad to have my back, and I told him I was attempting a 30 day challenge.

He then looked at me with a look I couldn’t describe.  Impressed that I wold try it?  Predicting my failure before day one?  I was wishing I hadn’t said anything at all, but he said wow that is HUGE…good luck.  I like to think he was genuinely wishing me good luck not saying good luck because he thought I was already doomed…but who knows.

I walk into the studio, take a spot toward the back corner.  It’s pretty close to a heater, but it’s not terribly hot in there.  Maybe 90 degrees or so.  As more and more people come I have to keep sliding closer and closer to the wall until there is eventually 13 people in each of the 2 rows of the studio.  Most people were very nice asking if I minded scooching over a bit, one girl said “move” which I didn’t like.  Had I not been at yoga I probably would have sassed her, but this being my first day and all (plus I’m trying to get into a yogi state of mind), so I smile and slide almost all the way against the wall.

The instructor comes in, we start in child’s pose, and then start going through the different series.  I remember them all really well, and I’m surprised that I don’t have to look around very much to confirm my form.  This particular studio has a verbal instruction meaning the instructor isn’t doing the poses with you, so if you are unsure of poses best thing to do it glance around the room and try to find someone with good form to mimic.

I kind of went into the class with no idea what to expect.  I was fairly certain that I wasn’t going to be a crazy limber flexible yogi machine, but I was hoping I could hold my own and not have to go to child’s pose every 5 minutes or take breaks.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well I did.  I knew the poses, I tried my best to get into them and hold them correctly, and I felt really good after the class.  My mantra that day was “you are strong”.  Whenever I felt like I wanted to cop out and get out of a pose early or not do it to the best of my ability, I said “you are strong” and tried to hold on.  I mean, I am strong.  I’m a young active woman in my 20s for crying out loud!  I can hold a few poses for a minute or two!

The thing that needs improvement the most is my chaturanga.  For the non-yogis it’s going from downward facing dog to high plank, then lowering to a low pushup/plank (the part I have trouble with because your thighs are not supposed to hit the mat) then gliding into upward facing dog.  See visual below.


This is what I look like…

396859_2925853181813_1125393765_33170129_606086503_n copy

I was pretty pooped at the end of the day because I had a full day of work and went to a spinning class at 6:30 that morning.  It was an early night in bed for me.  Day 2′s class was 6:30 am the next day!!!

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