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3 Leg Exercises For Soccer!

Posted Feb 11 2010 9:50am

So here's a little secret...

Three of the world's best soccer players all have my email!

Lionel MessiCristiano Ronaldo, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are all big 'Lance: The Blog!' fans...

The funny thing is I wouldn't even be able to recognize these dudes if their Bentleys and hoards of screaming groupies ran me over in the street.

But they still email me.

I'm not what you would call the biggest soccer fanbut that doesn't mean I can't accurately answer their questions - or a least try *wink*

One of them emailed me last week with the following,

'Sir Lance,
I am hoping you can give me some suggested exercises for my hamstringsquadricepsand glutes.  I want to introduce my legs into my circuitbut don't want to pre-exhaust my legs for my indoor soccer games on Thursday and Sunday.  Thoughts?'

 Great questionthere are so many different exercises and options for youbut we can hit all these muscle groups in 3 exercises!

Let's put it together for youshall we...

Timing For Exercises:

For maximal recovery try to strength training 48 hours before your soccer match. That means try to exercise on either MondayTuesdayand/or Fridays.

Weight VS. Body Weight: 

Both will work for the exercises we choosebut if you are really concerned with pre-fatiguing the muscles stick with body weighted exercises.

Sets & Reps:

Add new exercises slowly and gradually to your program (think 1 or 2 sets)since you are using your body weight you can also add more reps to increase the challenge.

Recommended Exercises:

Noplease do not try the pictured exercise above...though it looks tempting!

1. Hamstring Curls On The Stability Ball 

2. Single Squat Touchdown 

3. Side Lunges

If extra time or energy I'd look to add some speed ladder drills and single legged plyometrics.

And before I sign offI better fess up about the claim I made earlier about being tight with the world's best 'football' players...

So maybe the guy that emailed me isn't the world's best in soccerbut he sure is in friendship.

Best of luckmy friend!
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