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3 hidden health dangers 3 health...

Posted Aug 24 2008 12:12am

3 hidden health dangers

3 health issues affect countless individuals all whom have no clue that they are at risk.

They think their fine but their friends and family are going nuts and are worried for them.

Typically I don’t like or want to talk about these issues and quite frankly it’s painful since it was my issue as well.

Let’s get to the fireworks of the story….

A few years back I was really busy and doing a lot of work and I realized I just didn’t feel right….

I had a friend at the time who worked out with me and I said “Man I just don’t feel good.”

And he said “Well you don’t really look good but no one wanted to tell you.”

I turned to another friend who was with us and said “He’s full of it.”

He replied “No,he’s right you look awful.”

My workout partner then told me “Dude you better stop doing what you’re doing or else you’ll wreck your health. We’re just friends trying to help”

“Friends?” I replied

“With friends like that” I continued and he cut me off.

“How about we show you.” he said

Arrogantly, I replied “Fine.”

5 minutes later we were in the gym and I saw it

I looked in the mirror and realized I had 3 big health issues

-I had eaten and trained to build muscle all winter then had been dieting hard to get abs for the summer. The result? A beanpole that lost all his muscle, still had a gut and now had a screwed up metabolism. That’s the worst way to build muscle and burn fat.

-I was training using one of those “hard gainer” programs and my joints had taken a beating. I couldn’t squat anymore because my knees and low back hurt. I knew right there that no “hard gainer” program could ever have the training and nutrition correct for a skinny-fat guy like me. I needed a skinny fat program.

-I’d been following all those six pack programs that told me to eat like someone 5 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter. I had no clue or no tools to track what I was eating. I was lost and my body was shutting down since I wasn’t eating much. I needed personalized nutrition software for my needs.

Re-telling that story makes me feel good. It makes me feel good to see how far I’ve come and how much fun I’ve had since I started getting everything right. After all, a healthy body is the first step to a successful life.

I feel so GOOD telling that story that I’ve included my personal nutrition program that skyrocketed my metabolism through the roof and the exact program for anyone who’s ever tried to build muscle in the winter and lost it all in the summer chasing a six pack with one of “those” programs but only until 11:59 tonight.

Go here to order now

Jimmy Smith

P.S.-Did I mention that you’ll also get my confidential report about how to have fun, drink beer and live life without wrecking your gym progress? I’ve never even heard of a report like this before and I’m so excited that I might just go have a beer and some bread now because I know the secret to eating whatever I want and not getting fat.

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