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3 Guidelines for a Full-Proof Workout Plan to Work Lower Abs Quick

Posted Jul 15 2010 1:19am
People in a gym class doing sit-ups  photo Some people I know asked me how I got perfect abs. According to them, it is so difficult to build lower abs. When I asked them about their fitness plan, they all had the same answer. They all focused on abs-concentrated workouts but overlooked the significance of a healthy diet and full body exercises.

If your fitness process only involves performing exercises which only targets your mid-section, then believe me, it is not going to be effective. Without a healthy diet and full body exercises, you would not go anywhere close to being physically fit.

Without these 3 steps, you would still not build your lower abs. Even if you go and sign up for extravagant gym memberships, seek the help of the best personal trainers, or use every workout machine in the world, none of this would matter.

1. Exclude unhealthy fats in your dietary chart

2. Perform regular cardiovascular exercise

3. Do exercises focusing on your lower abs

Doing one without the other two will do you some good. But that would not be enough, would it. Imagine what you can achieve when you do all three.

Slowing down on fat in your everyday meals will enable you to burn all the stored fat in your body. Unless you work those fatty areas, you would not get any muscles toned.

Adding lean meats and sufficient amounts of good fats, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, will have a great effect on building lower abs.

Eating processed goods, fatty and starchy foods, like french fries, chips, and candy bars, can keep you away from your six pack abs goal. Drinking beer can do the same damage.

To reinforce your diet, you must stick to a good cardiovascular routine. Doing cardio 2 to 3 times a week will definitely help you build lower abs fast. These holistic exercises help build muscle mass and increase metabolism.

To try out something different, you can choose from a wide range of workout videos. But if you want to stick to the usual, running, paddling, and yoga are good examples of these exercises.

Finally, the third step to build lower abs is to do workouts that concentrate on that area.

Begin your abs-centered exercises on a weekly basis. 3 to 5 times a week about 20 to 25 reps for every workout will do the trick. You can make basic and full body crunches as these are easily done yet just as effective.

If you are really serious about your exercise plan, you can successfully build lower abs by including all three steps. Besides, it only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete your cardio and abs exercises, and even less to think about what to eat everyday. Stick to your program and you will get ripped abs sooner than you think.

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