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3 fast tips to stop rotator cuff pain

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:01am
3 fast tips to stop rotator cuff pain

A recent research study estimated that 75% of all Americans experience some type of rotator cuff pain throughout the course of their life. That's a staggering number considering that most rotator cuff problems happen over time as opposed to a freak accident. That means that we are continually doing something to slowly tear down our rotator cuff. There seems to be some misguided advice about how to fix a injured rotator cuff and what you should do if you are faced with some ugly rotator cuff pain.

First, you want to honestly evaluate your posture. If you sit at a desk and have a nine to five job which keeps you at the computer then you have a very good chance of having some type of rotator cuff pain or issue. Try the doorway test. Standing as you normally would with your arms at your side walk through a doorway. What goes through the door first? Your hands or your chest? If it was your hands then you have internally rotated shoulders and you are wide open to rotator cuff pain. So the first thing you have to do is stretch your chest. Any type of chest stretch will help your shoulders to roll back and reduce pressure on your rotator cuff.

The second thing you must do to fix your rotator cuff pain is focus on improving your shoulder rotation strength. These are typically the exercises that you see baseball players doing on tv. Just rotating your shoulder outward with a light dumbbell lying either on your side or sitting on the floor will go a long way to increase the strength of your rotator cuff muscles that turn your shoulder outward. Even if you aren't at a computer, your shoulders are rotated inward so you must rotate them outward to reduce pain.

The last tip is to focus on your upper back strength. I go into detail about an upper back plan in The Physique Formula Rotator Cuff Guide but 90% of all cases of rotator cuff pain that I see is related to poor overall upper back strength. The most popular muscles to work in the gym are the ones that we can see in the mirror. The problem happens though when your chest strength exceeds your upper back strength and certain rotator cuff stabilizing muscles become weak and shut off. Performing movements like rows, pull-ups and pull-downs all work to increase upper back strength and relieve rotator cuff pain.


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