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3,500 calories= 1 pound of weight lose, maybe!

Posted Jun 07 2010 9:17am

When my clients ask me what is the secret to losing weight I usually explain the proven and well documented scientific data. The data states to lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3,500 calories so by cutting calories by 500/day you would expect to lose one pound per week (500×7=3500). I only wish it was that easy, I would really be a rock star to my clients!

This is what happens in the real world, we diet and exercise to lose one pound a week!  I preach slow and steady wins the race, patience is a virtue to comfort my clients. I am very happy to see a one pound per week  of weight loss, what’s frustrating is when the scale does not move. WHY?

The body has a built in self protection, once we have lost about 10% of our bodyweight cutting 500 calories a day isn’t enough to keep losing .

Here are some tips to help trick your body.

Add high intensity strength training.
Try high intensity interval conditioning.
My favorite, a cheat meal so your body does not think it is being starved.

Hope this helps!
Does anyone have any other tricks?

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