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2010 The Year You Tone Up and Slim Down

Posted Jan 01 2010 11:43am

From my training experience and from training clients for about 9 years, I know that the best kind of program is motivating, diverse, and somewhat fun; it’s convenient, doesn’t take up too much of your time, makes you feel good, shows your success, doesn’t leave you broke and, finally, works.

So with that said here are ten tips for getting motivated and staying committed to your eating plan and exercise program.

1. Choose a sensible, reachable goal.

Choosing a realistic goal increases your motivation by giving you the opportunity to actually reach your goals. Keep in mind that, the goal has to be YOUR goal; specific to you and the lifestyle you live.

2. Ask yourself this eye-opening question.

“How is your extra weight affecting your life?” Then use your answer every single day to keep you moving towards your specific goal.

3. Have a clear process for measuring your results.

Data and numbers don’t lie, but people do. This is why you should use numbers and graphs to record your results. Look at your pounds, body fat percentage and measurements.

4. Make sure your program is customized to your specific lifestyle.

Your eating plan and workout program have to be comfortable (or somewhat comfortable ;-) ) convenient, and easy for you to do. If not, you’ll find yourself skipping and cheating.

5. Create small victories.

Choose targets that are real to you and that you know you can accomplish in a realistic amount of time. For example, losing 1 to 2 pounds a week, or a one-inch reduction in your waist within 2 months.

6. Reward yourself.

As you achieve those small victories (and big ones), reward yourself with new clothes, a trip, jewelry, a day at the spa, or whatever makes you feel good.

7. Keep your workouts fresh.

Have you ever noticed those people who have been working out for years yet do the same workout over and over again? I have. And unfortunately for these people, they don’t look any different. When you watch them it’s kind of like watching a robot. Make sure you change your routine on a monthly basis!

8. Make adjustments when things aren’t working or going your way.

If your workout, time frame, and the meals you have chosen aren’t fitting your lifestyle, make modifications so that they do. There’s always a solution to any situation – trust me.

9. Follow-up is vital.

Keep track of your changes and progressions. Be aware of your changing weight, body fat, number of push-ups you can do or any other exercises you can do, and so on.

10. Make healthy habits a permanent habit.

The changes you make in the way you eat and exercise shouldn’t be short-lived, just so you can lose weight. Looking good, feeling healthy, and staying in shape is a lifelong process that will benefit you more than you can imagine.

Hopefully these tips will give you the guidance you need to get the results you want. If you need a starting point make sure you check out the Feminine Fit Beginners Workout Plan and if you’re really serious about getting in shape in the fastest time possible make sure you grab yourself a copy of the Rebound Workout.


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